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We use both quality plywood and premium Melamine board for our cabinetry fabrication. Many of us should be familiar with plywood, but you may not know MFC. MFC is a composite wood, which is made by mixing machined wood chips with a strong resin. It is heat resistant, moisture resistant, scratch resistant, and chemical/stain resistant. It has greater strength and hardness thus we encounter minimum warp circumstances compare to materials like plywood. MFC also has much lesser formaldehyde and VOC emission, that is very important considering we spend long hours at home. It is one of the most sustainable and Eco-friendly wood-based products in the market.

Our cabinetry is enhanced with ergonomic and conducive systems. It keeps clutters organized while ensuring stuffs are within easy reach. When you design a closet, having a mix of storage that includes shelving, drawers, pants organizers, jewelry organizers and designated space for bags ensures all of your items have their place. This will not only help keep your room clean but better track what you have with greater visibility. Everyone have different storage needs so it’s important to find one that works for you. Here are some systems we have, which are imported directly from manufactures so as to keep our price affordable and competitive. 

Custom Cabinetry: Projects

Multi-purpose Pull out Kitchenware Basket

This soft closing basket is a perfect solution to store your knives, utensils and seasoning bottles. Shelves can be easily taken out for easy cleaning. Different heights and compartments within the basket allows for storing various things at ease.

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Magic Corner Basket

Gone are the days of stretching into deep corner cupboards, this Magic Corner Basket is ergonomically designed and simply works wonder for L-shape kitchen corner. The fully pull-out system provides you absolutely easy accessibility. 4 equivalent baskets in rectangle shape fully maximize the utilization of corner space. Withstand a total weight of 80 kg, it is more then sturdy for your daily storage needs.

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Tall Larder Pantry Organizer

This tall larder pantry organizer, as luxury as a walking wardrobe, is paired with adjustable cabinet door racks. Its generous capacity keeps all stuffs organised, and also gives a good view of everything.

WeChat Image_20190515161442.jpg

Under-the-sink Waste Bin

The compartmentalized waste bins make recycling easier than ever. You can enjoy a simple and easy way to dispose your waste too while hiding unattractive clutter and free up your floor space. Designed with kitchen ergonomics in mind, you can open the waste bin with just one gentle step.

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Rotating Shoe Rack

It is sturdy and can rotate by 360 degrees. You can reach your shoes without hassle from either side. It can fit seamlessly from a standard wardrobe or walking wardrobe to a shoe cabinet. Two way slit design doubles your storage space with each tier storing 6 pairs or more depending on the width of your shoes. You can choose from 4 tiers all the way up to 12 tiers!


Wardrobe Organizer - Trousers Hanger

Piles of jeans or pants become messy after your pick? Fret not! This quality trousers hanger, with genuine leather lining, solve your headache with ease. Just pull it out for convenient access and easy storage.

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Wardrobe Organizer - Trousers Hanger

Here is another option for you to organize your trousers. It can easily accommodate up to 18 pairs of pants. Looking for the suitable pair for the day can't be easier than ever!

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Smart Bathroom Mirror

Controlled by the touch sensor on the mirror, turning LED lights on/off is now so easy! Designed with anti-fogging feature, you no longer worry about the steam; Built-in clock on the mirror can always remind you the time for the important appointments.

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